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Signers of The Declaration of Independence

Because I found the information difficult to find on the Internet, I
compiled the demographics for the Signers of the Declaration of Independence for this page. It mirrors
the data found on a similar page which has demographics for the attendees of the Constitutional Convention and
another for the signers of the Articles of

Name State Place of Birth Birth Date Death Date Occupation Religion
Adams, John Massachusetts Quincy, MA 10/30/1735 7/4/1826 Lawyer UN
Adams, Samuel Massachusetts Boston, MA 9/27/1722 10/2/1803 Merchant CO
Bartlett, Josiah New Hampshire Amesbury, MA 11/21/1729 5/19/1795 Physician CO
Braxton, Carter Virginia Newington, VA 9/10/1736 10/10/1797 Plantation Owner EP
Carroll of Carrollton, Charles Maryland Annapolis, MD 9/19/1737 11/14/1832 Merchant/Plantation Owner RC
Chase, Samuel Maryland Somerset Co., MD 4/17/1741 6/19/1811 Lawyer EP
Clark, Abraham New Jersey Elizabethtown, NJ 2/15/1741 9/15/1794 Lawyer/Surveyor PB
Clymer, George Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 3/16/1739 1/24/1813 Merchant QU/EP
Ellery, William Rhode Island Newport, RI 12/22/1727 2/15/1820 Lawyer/Merchant CO
Floyd, William New York Brookhaven, NY 12/17/1734 8/4/1821 Land Speculator PB
Franklin, Benjamin Pennsylvania Boston, MA 1/17/1706 4/17/1790 Scientist/Printer DE
Gerry, Elbridge Massachusetts Marblehead, MA 7/17/1744 11/23/1814 Merchant EP
Gwinnett, Button Georgia Down Hatherley, England 1735 5/15/1777 Merchant/Plantation Owner EP
Hall, Lyman Georgia Wallingford, CT 4/12/1724 10/19/1790 Physician/Minister CO
Hancock, John Massachusetts Quincy, MA 1/12/1737 10/8/1793 Merchant CO
Harrison, Benjamin Virginia Charles City Co., VA 4/7/1726 4/24/1791 Plantation Owner/Farmer ?
Hart, John New Jersey Hunterdon Co., NJ 1711 5/11/1779 Land Owner PB
Hewes, Joseph North Carolina Kingston, NJ 1/23/1730 10/10/1779 Merchant EP
Heyward Jr., Thomas South Carolina St. Helena Parrish, SC 7/28/1746 3/6/1809 Lawyer/Plantation Owner ?
Hooper, William North Carolina Boston, MA 6/17/1742 10/14/1790 Lawyer EP
Hopkins, Stephen Rhode Island Providence, RI 3/7/1707 4/13/1785 Merchant ?
Hopkinson, Francis New Jersey Philadelphia, PA 10/2/1737 5/9/1791 Lawyer/Musician EP
Huntington, Samuel Connecticut Windham, CT 7/3/1731 1/5/1796 Lawyer CO
Jefferson, Thomas Virginia Albermarle Co., VA 4/13/1743 7/4/1826 Lawyer/Plantation Owner DE
Lee, Francis Lightfoot Virginia Mt. Pleasant, VA 10/14/1734 1/11/1797 Plantation Owner ?
Lee, Richard Henry Virginia Stratford, VA 1/20/1732 6/19/1794 Plantation Owner/Merchant ?
Lewis, Francis New York Llandaff, Wales 3/21/1713 12/30/1802 Merchant ?
Livingston, Philip New York Albany, NY 1/15/1716 6/12/1778 Merchant PB
Lynch Jr., Thomas South Carolina Prince George’s Parrish, SC 8/5/1749 1779 Lawyer ?
McKean, Thomas Delaware Chester Co., PA 3/19/1735 6/24/1817 Lawyer PB
Middleton, Arthur South Carolina Charleston, SC 6/26/1742 1/1/1787 Plantation Owner ?
Morris, Lewis New York West Chester Co., NY 4/8/1726 1/22/1798 Plantation Owner ?
Morris, Robert Pennsylvania Liverpool, England 1/31/1734 5/8/1806 Merchant/Land Speculator EP
Morton, John Pennsylvania Ridley Township, PA 1724 1777 Farmer ?
Nelson Jr., Thomas Virginia Yorktown, VA 12/26/1738 1/4/1789 Merchant/Plantation Owner ?
Paca, William Maryland Abington, MD 10/31/1740 10/13/1799 Lawyer/Plantation Owner EP
Paine, Robert Treat Massachusetts Boston, MA 3/11/1731 5/12/1814 Lawyer/Scientist CO
Penn, John North Carolina Carolina Co., VA 5/6/1740 9/14/1788 Lawyer ?
Read, George Delaware Northeast MD 9/18/1733 9/21/1798 Lawyer EP
Rodney, Caesar Delaware Dover, DE 10/7/1728 6/29/1784 Plantation Owner/Soldier EP
Ross, George Pennsylvania New Castle, DE 5/10/1730 7/14/1779 Lawyer ?
Rush, Benjamin Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 1/4/1746 4/19/1813 Physician PB
Rutledge, Edward South Carolina Christ Church Parrish, SC 11/23/1749 1/23/1800 Lawyer/Plantation Owner AN
Sherman, Roger Connecticut Newton, MA 4/19/1721 7/23/1793 Lawyer CO
Smith, James Pennsylvania Northern Ireland 1719 7/11/1806 Lawyer PB
Stockton, Richard New Jersey Princeton, NJ 10/1/1730 2/28/1781 Lawyer PB
Stone, Thomas Maryland Charles Co., MD 1743 10/5/1787 Lawyer EP
Taylor, George Pennsylvania Ireland 1716 2/23/1781 Merchant PB
Thornton, Matthew New Hampshire Ireland 1714 6/24/1803 Physician PB
Walton, George Georgia Cumberland Co., VA 1741 2/2/1804 Lawyer AN
Whipple, William New Hampshire Kittery, ME 1/14/1730 11/28/1785 Merchant CO
Williams, William Connecticut Lebanon, CT 4/18/1731 8/2/1811 Merchant CO
Wilson, James Pennsylvania Carskerdo, Scotland 9/14/1742 8/21/1798 Lawyer EP/DE
Witherspoon, John New Jersey Gifford, Scotland 2/5/1723 11/15/1794 Minister PB
Wolcott, Oliver Connecticut Windsor, CT 11/20/1726 12/1/1797 Lawyer CO
Wythe, George Virginia Elizabeth City Co., VA 1726 6/8/1806 Lawyer EP

Religion key:

AN = Anglican
CO = Congregationalist
DE = Deist
EP = Episcopal
PB = Presbyterian
QU = Quaker
RC = Roman Catholic
UN = Unitarian

Birth places, birth and death dates, and occupations: Declaration
Signer’s Factsheet
from NARA. Religion: A Note on the
Signers of the Declaration of Independence
and God
& Country

Note on religion: Pinning down the religion of some people on this list is
notoriously difficult. The “Deist” label, in particular, is a difficult one to
assign. The best attempt has been made to assign labels accurately – the
assignment can be debated, and this fact is readily acknowledged.

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