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Data on the Framers of the Constitution

For short character sketches of each of the Framers, see the Framers Page. This page contains demographical data
about each of the framers, including some not sketched on the aforementioned
page. A similar data table is available for the Signers of the Declaration of Independence and
for the Articles of Confederation.

Note: the “?” column is an
answer to the question, did this person sign the Constitution?

Name State Place of Birth Birth Date Death Date Occupation Religion ?
Baldwin, Abraham Georgia Guilford, CT 11/23/1754 3/4/1807 Minister/Lawyer CO Y
Bassett, Richard Delaware Cecil County, MD 4/2/1745 8/15/1815 Lawyer ME Y
Bedford, Gunning, Jr. Delaware Philadelphia, PA 1747 3/30/1812 Lawyer PB Y
Blair, John Virginia Williamsburg, VA 1732 8/31/1800 Lawyer EP Y
Blount, William North Carolina Windsor, NC 4/6/1749 3/21/1800 Politician PB Y
Brearly, David New Jersey Spring Grove, NJ 6/11/1745 8/16/1790 Lawyer EP Y
Broom, Jacob Delaware Wilmington, DE 1752 1810 Merchant LU Y
Butler, Pierce South Carolina County Carlow, Ireland 7/11/1744 2/15/1822 Soldier/Politician EP Y
Carroll, Daniel Maryland Upper Marlboro, MD 7/22/1730 7/5/1796 Farmer RC Y
Clymer, George Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 3/16/1740 1/23/1813 Merchant QU/EP Y
Davie, William R. North Carolina Egremont, England 6/20/1756 11/29/1820 Lawyer PB N
Dayton, Jonathan New Jersey Elizabethtown, NJ 10/16/1760 10/9/1824 Lawyer EP Y
Dickinson, John Delaware Trappe, MD 11/19/1732 2/14/1808 Lawyer QU/EP Y
Ellsworth, Oliver Connecticut Windsor, CT 4/29/1745 11/26/1807 Lawyer CO N
Few, William Georgia Baltimore, MD 6/8/1748 7/16/1828 Lawyer ME Y
Fitzsimons, Thomas Pennsylvania Ireland 1741 8/26/1811 Merchant RC Y
Franklin, Benjamin Pennsylvania Boston, MA 1/17/1706 4/17/1790 Inventor DE Y
Gerry, Elbridge Massachusetts Marblehead, MA 7/17/1744 11/23/1814 Merchant EP N
Gilman, Nicholas New Hampshire Exeter, NH 8/3/1755 5/2/1814 Merchant CO Y
Gorham, Nathaniel Massachusetts Charlestown, MA 5/27/1738 6/11/1796 Merchant CO Y
Hamilton, Alexander New York Nevis, British West Indies 1/11/1757 7/12/1804 Lawyer EP Y
Houston, William C. New Jersey Sumter, SC 1746 8/12/1788 Teacher PB N
Houstoun, William Georgia Savannah, GA 1755 3/17/1813 Lawyer EP N
Ingersoll, Jared Pennsylvania New Haven, CT 10/27/1749 10/31/1822 Lawyer PB Y
Jenifer, Daniel of St. Thomas Maryland Port Tobacco, MD 1723 11/16/1790 Lawyer EP Y
Johnson, William S. Connecticut Stratford, CT 10/7/1727 11/14/1819 Lawyer EP Y
King, Rufus Massachusetts Scarborough, ME 3/24/1755 4/29/1827 Lawyer EP Y
Langdon, John New Hampshire Portsmouth, NH 6/26/1741 9/18/1819 Merchant CO Y
Lansing, John, Jr. New York Albany, NY 1/30/1754 1829 Lawyer DR N
Livingston, William New Jersey Albany, NY 11/30/1723 7/25/1790 Lawyer PB Y
Madison, James Virginia Port Conway, VA 3/16/1751 6/28/1836 Politician EP Y
Martin, Alexander North Carolina Hunterdon County, NJ 1740 11/2/1807 Politician PB/EP N
Martin, Luther Maryland Brunswick, NJ 2/9/1744 7/10/1826 Lawyer EP N
Mason, George Virginia Fairfax County, VA 12/11/1725 10/7/1792 Politician EP N
McClurg, James Virginia Hampton, VA 1746 7/9/1823 Doctor PB? N
McHenry, James Maryland Ballymena, Ireland 11/16/1753 5/3/1816 Doctor PB Y
Mercer, John F. Maryland Stafford County, VA 5/17/1759 8/30/1821 Lawyer EP N
Mifflin, Thomas Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 1/10/1744 1/20/1800 Merchant QU/LU Y
Morris, Gouverneur Pennsylvania Bronx, NY 1/31/1752 11/6/1816 Lawyer EP Y
Morris, Robert Pennsylvania Liverpool, England 1/31/1734 5/8/1806 Merchant EP Y
Paterson, William New Jersey County Antrim, Ireland 12/24/1745 9/9/1806 Lawyer PB Y
Pierce, William L. Georgia Georgia 1740 12/10/1789 Merchant EP N
Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth South Carolina Charleston, SC 2/25/1746 8/16/1825 Lawyer EP Y
Pinckney, Charles South Carolina Charleston, SC 10/26/1757 10/29/1824 Lawyer EP Y
Randolph, Edmund J. Virginia Williamsburg, VA 8/10/1753 1813 Lawyer EP N
Read, George Delaware Cecil County, MD 9/18/1733 9/21/1798 Lawyer EP Y
Rutledge, John South Carolina Charleston, SC 9/1739 6/18/1800 Lawyer EP Y
Sherman, Roger Connecticut Newton, MA 4/19/1721 7/23/1793 Lawyer/Merchant CO Y
Spaight, Richard D. North Carolina New Bern, NC 3/25/1758 9/6/1802 Politician EP Y
Strong, Caleb Massachusetts Northampton, MA 1/9/1745 11/7/1819 Lawyer CO N
Washington, George Virginia Wakefield Plantation, VA 2/22/1732 12/14/1799 Soldier EP Y
Williamson, Hugh North Carolina Nottingham, PA 12/5/1735 5/22/1819 Educator PB/DE Y
Wilson, James Pennsylvania St. Andrews, Scotland 9/14/1741 8/21/1797 Lawyer EP/DE Y
Wythe, George Virginia Elizabeth City County, VA 1726 6/8/1806 Lawyer EP N
Yates, Robert New York Schenectady, NY 1/27/1738 9/9/1801 Lawyer DR N

Religion key:

CO = Congregationalist
DE = Deist
DR = Dutch Reformed
EP = Episcopal
LU = Lutheran
ME = Methodist
PB = Presbyterian
QU = Quaker
RC = Roman Catholic

Birth places, birth and death dates, and occupations: The
Founding Fathers
from NARA, and Soldier-Statesmen
of the Constitution
. Religion: Errant
(see also The American
Colonist’s Library
The Separation
of Church and State Home Page

Note on religion: Pinning down the religion of some people on this list is
notoriously difficult. The “Deist” label, in particular, is a difficult one to
assign. The best attempt has been made to assign labels accurately – the
assignment can be debated, and this fact is readily acknowledged.

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