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The Best of the USConstitution Message Board

There have been forums active on this site since August 1997. In that time,
many pearls of wisdom have been posted to the forums, by many people, on many

This page is a “Best Of” of sorts. “Nominations” for inclusion on this page
are sent in by readers of the fourms, or placed here by the Webmaster. If you
see a post you would like to see included on this page, please send the message
number to the Webmaster. The message will be
reviewed and if it meets the (subjective) criteria for “Best,” it will be
placed on this page for all to see.

by Emsworth, posted on 11/28/2005. Nominated by George.

A synopsis of quoted from contemporary documents explaining the understanding
of the purpose of the 9th Amdendment.

Analyzing the Ten Commandments Debates
by Ken Grady, posted on
03/29/2005. Nominated by Kemosabe.

An argument as to why morality need not be based on religion to be a force in

16th Amendment
by Andy, posted on 02/13/2004.

A look at several key parts of 16th Amendment case law, including notes from
the Brushaber and Stanton cases.

Constitutional Response Against
by Kemosabe, posted on 08/30/2001. Nominated by Ian.

This message, and its ensuing thread, is the origin of the use of the acronym
“C.R.A.P.” to address some of the board’s conspiracy theories. A classic from
one of the forums’ long time contributors.

The Unconstitutional 14th
by Ken Grady, posted on 12/26/2001. Nominated by Kemosabe
and Ian.

Addressing several threads concerning the legality of the 14th Amendment,
Ken looks at some of the questions surrounding the amendment and anticipates
several questions that could arise from the controversy.

Re: Judicial Review by
Ian Jeffrey Slavin, posted on 09/10/2001. Nominated by Kemosabe.

A picture-perfect description of Marbury v. Madison and the issues
surrounding the famous case.

To Our
Student Users
by Kemosabe, updated on 11/01/2003.

A new version of some practical advice for anyone looking for information about
the Constitution and thinking of posting a question to a message board.

The Fourth Division by
SPECS, posted on 05/04/2000.

In this post, SPECS outlines his idea for a fourth branch of government, a
people’s branch, and touches on a proposed amendment, the Feedback Amendment,
to allow more input by the people into the government’s inner workings.

Vermont’s “Gay Marriage”
by Steve Mount, posted on 12/28/1999.

A detailed explanation of the Vermont Supreme Court’s ruling in Baker v Vermont,
which spurred much debate nationally, in-state, and on this site.

Recognize our right’s
N O W!
by Fated_1, posted on 07/13/1999.

Fated_1’s call for a “Kick Butt” amendment (later called “Wampus Assus”).
Though presented tongue-in-cheek, Fated proposes the finding of an
unenumerated right (or the creation of a new amendment) upholding one’s right
to physically harm “ruffians.”

Math Against Tyranny by
Sean, posted on 02/11/1999. Nominated by Fated_1.

This message is very short, but points to an article published in Discover
Magazine that addresses the Electoral College, and how, through its use, the
average voter actually has more power to turn an election than he or she would
have if there was no Electoral College. A very thought-provoking article.

Re: Math Against Tyranny by
Ian, posted on 09/28/2003.

A rebuttal of the Math Against Tyranny article by a proponent of the
abolition of the Electoral College.

Justification of Federal Drug
by Steve Mount, posted on 07/27/1998.

Challenged to explain how the federal government acquired the ability to
regulate illicit drugs, the author presents the results of his research.