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The U.S. Constitution Online site has always been free, and always will be.
The site is not run by a big school, business, or municipality. It is run by little ole me. The site costs me an enormous amount of
time, and a fair amount of money. I’m not looking for any pity … but I’d be a
fool not to try to take advantage of some of the affiliate programs that are
available on the Internet.

Accordingly, you will find discrete ads at the bottom of each page on this
site. Larger pages will have an ad on the top, right-hand side of the page. The
message boards will also have ads interspersed throughout. The ads I display
are from major companies that I trust: ConstitutionShop.com, Amazon.com, and

Ads served up by Google may include political messages. Political
messages may not reflect the opinions of the webmaster, the site, or you, the
visitor. If you disagree with an opinion expressed in an ad, your best recourse
is to ignore the ad.

Please visit the advertisers when you have a chance, and to be sure to buy
through this site if you do go shopping online. My credit card bills appreciate

Please let me know if you have problems with any
of the advertisers. Despite what some of them might think, I consider it an
honor I bestow on them to be on my site, and if any of my visitors have
problems, I will raise them with the advertiser.

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