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USConstitution.net Message Boards


Since 1997, the USConstitution.net site has had forums which allow users to talk to the Webmaster and to each other. Most messages posted to the forums still exist on the site, allowing users to review past opinions and allowing searches to access previously performed research. This page provides access to all of these forums.

The Original Boards

From August 1997 until July 2001, there was one message board on the site. The messages, numbered from 1 to 11974, are divided into three archives.

The Split

In July 2001, the one single message board was supporting both questions about the Constitution and an active debate about the Constitution. The two often got entangled, and in an effort to make sense of them, the two were split into different boards. These boards were active through October 2003.

The old boards also allowed users to post a profile for themselves. The profiles of very active users have been retained, and can still be viewed.

The YaBB Generation

In November 2003, the software used for the USConstitution.net forums since 1997 was set aside, and a new package, called YaBB, was put into place.

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