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U.S. Constitution – Table of Contents

Today’s special event:
On July 25, 1866, Ulysses S. Grant was appointed General of the Army, the first person to hold that rank.
On July 25, 1868, Wyoming officially became a U.S. territory. Commemorate the day by reading your Constitution.

The Constitution is presented in several ways on this site. This page
presents the Constitution as a series of web pages, one for each section of the
Constitution and one for each amendment. Other pages present the Constitution
in one large page with HTML enhancement, in plain text, in standard Palm DOC
, and in enhanced TealDoc format. A quick reference is also available, as are photos of the Constitution. The Constitution of China is available for

In these pages, superseded text is presented like this: (This is superseded text.) Added text that is not a part of
the Constitution is presented like this: (This is added text.)

Use the table of contents below to find the section of the Constitution you
are interested in.