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State Constitutions

Each state in the United States has its own constitution. Of course, all state constitutions are inferior (in a legal sense) to the United States Constitution, and when reading state constitutions, this must be kept in mind — a state constitution, for example, cannot validly authorize a state religion. However, many state constitutions guarantee civil rights that the United States Constitution does not. The Vermont Constitution, for example, abolished slavery long before the U.S. Constitution did so.

Below is a list of links to online versions of state constitutions. Whenever possible, the sites are hosted by the states themselves. HTML versions were preferred over PDF versions, but were not always available. Some states do not supply an easily read or linked-to page. In these instances, trusted third-party sites were used. From time to time, sites change the format of their web sites, rendering these links unusable — if you find such a bad link, please let the Webmaster know.

Also see the Constitution.org site.

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The following U.S. territories also have constitutions:

This site has a survey of mentions of God in the state constitutions.

Other resources can be found on the Resources Page.

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