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Off-topic Links


This page of links to other sites is intended to hold links that don’t seem
to fit on the main Constitutional Links Page for
whatever reason. Mostly, these links are related to government or politics, but
not directly to the Constitution. If you know of a link that should be here and
is not, by all means, let me know!

Constitution Sites

Governmental Resources (USA)

Supreme Court

Political Resources (USA)

Political Parties


Political Action Committees

Political Topics

Free Speech Sites

These sites either use the First Amendment unwittingly, vocally oppose
censorship, test the boundaries of good taste, or stand up for free speech in
other ways. The surfer should beware that some may offend various

Voting Sites

Voting is the way that individuals participate in the political process.
More and more in America, people do not turn out to vote. They feel like their
vote does not count, like the government is not responsive to them. If you do
not vote, you deserve the person who is elected; and you have nothing to
complain about. So if you didn’t vote in the last election, and you didn’t like
the choices of those who did vote, then vote! These sites are
devoted to making the voting process easier.

Religion Sites

The Webmaster believes firmly in the separation of church and state granted
the people of the United States by the 1st
. Having a right to worship, or to be free from religion, however,
is no excuse for ignorance of religion. These links are an attempt to give
access to information sites concerning major religions. More to come … if you
have a good suggestion, contact the Webmaster.


These links point to sites for newspapers, radio talk shows, and TV


Free Web Space – it used to be everywhere. I once made an effort to have an
index page on every free service I could find. Over time, the services have
closed, gone to pay-only status, or other wise stopped working. The list below
are those that remain.