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Constitutional FAQ Answer #118

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Q118. “I remember reading that if the citizens
are unhappy with the way the Government is running the country they can choose
to, I don’t know how to put it but, basically remove all members & then
reoccupy with newly appointed members. I’ve been reading the site for a little
over an hour and haven’t found anything hinting towards this.”

A. The notion is built into the regular elections that we have. Within six
years, all of the elected members of the government can be rotated out. The
entire House of Representatives is reelected every two years; the President and
Vice President (and hence the Cabinet) every four years, and one third of the
Senate every two years. If there was a concerted effort to replace the members
of the government, starting now, we could have a new House, one third of a new
Senate, and a new President at the beginning of 2005. In 2007, two-thirds of
the Senate, and by 2009, a whole new Senate. The judiciary is harder, since
they serve for life.

That’s the constitutional means. The Constitution is based on the assent of
the governed. If the governed, the people, decide to replace the Constitution,
that is certainly possible at any time.

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